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Bleausard's Extra fine Chalk 500g

Bleausard's Extra fine Chalk 500g

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After 2 years of development, we finally have the pleasure of presenting our Extra Fine magnesia produced in France in its 500g format.

A local product par excellence, it is made in the north of France, 350km from Fontainebleau, before being packaged in our premises located at the edge of the forest. To do this we use kraft bags produced in Europe which we print using authentic artisanal ink pads made by hand in Paris.

But that's not all ! In addition to being a French product, our magnesia can truly be described as eco-responsible because it is the result of a mineral chemistry process making it possible to synthetically obtain a product whose extraction and processing are of 'ordinary particularly polluting.

– Extra fine chalk produced in France
– Packaged in Fontainebleau in kraft bags made in Europe and printed in Fontainebleau with ink pads made by hand in Paris.
– Pure product, of consistent quality.
– Each batch is tested in the laboratory before leaving the factory to guarantee a product that complies with the E504ii standard.

Bleausard magnesia corresponds to a light food grade Magnesium Carbonate, meeting the requirements in specification E504(ii) according to EU directive 231/2012. In addition, all production takes place according to the HACCP approach.

A synthetic product, our magnesia can truly be described as an eco-responsible product because it does not come from open-air quarries located in Asia. In addition, we therefore do not have to use calcination processes in the MgO => MgCO3 transformation, which implies a very strong reduction in the carbon impact during the manufacturing process.

As part of the production process for magnesia of natural origin, the ratio is generally around 25 tonnes of ore extracted for 1 tonne of finished product. As part of our synthesis process, this ratio falls to 2.5 tonnes of MgO used to obtain 1 tonne of MgCO3.
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