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Eco Pof rosin - 200g

Eco Pof rosin - 200g

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We brought it back to life!

With Eco’Pof, our goal is to bring back to life a disappearing use of the Fontainebleau block circuits.

We want to allow everyone to easily obtain rosin in order to make or refill their Pof Bleausard, but also to educate foreign climbers and younger generations of climbers in this ancestral practice.

The goal being, over the years to come, to make its use popular again on the blocks of the Fontainebleau forest, in particular by inscribing in the common spirit that magnesia and pof can coexist in the best possible way, as long as the we use both sparingly. And this while giving it a fun image!

It is worth remembering that magnesia is used to dry the hands by reducing sweating, while pof is used to optimize grip on rock (especially on slabs or holds polished by repeated passages of climbers!

The little Bleausard bonus: The Eco’Pof is packaged by hand, by our team in Fontainebleau!


This product contains rosin - Strictly follow the precautions for use.

(H317) May cause a skin allergy

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